Introduction to the Periodicals Publishing
Periodicals Publishing House of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University is an administrative department of the university for managing twenty-one periodicals. The periodicals are published by different departments in the university however under unified management of Periodicals Publishing House. Periodicals Publishing House is responsible for the twenty-one journals under the leadership of a vice president, and directly publishes six academic journals. The other fifteen periodicals are published by corresponding departments, such as College of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals, School of Aerospace, and School of Science, etc. Of the twenty-one periodicals, Children and Health and China Digital Cable TV  are run independently without budget support from the university.

List of Periodicals:  
Journal of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University
Journal of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University(social sciences)
Journal of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University(medical sciences)
Modern Economic Science 
Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics
Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics
China Digital Cable TV
Chinese Medical Ethics 
Northwest Medical Education
Chnese Journal of Child Helalth Care
Journal of Modern Urology
Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine
China Medical Education Technology
Foreign Medical Science(Section of  Medgeography)
Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis
Northwest Pharmaceutical Journal